Datasentinel provides comprehensive monitoring and performance tuning for a wide range of PostgreSQL-compatible databases, including Integrated with Kubernetes for Containerized Environments


PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database system known for its robustness, extensibility, and SQL compliance. It is widely used for various applications, from small applications to the most critical applications with many concurrent users.

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Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres takes PostgreSQL to next level, optimizing your workloads with features that provide improved performance, such as Vertical Clustered Index, Global Meta Cache, and High-Speed Data Load

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Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS offers cloud computing services, with RDS providing managed relational database solutions and Aurora offering a high-performance, PostgreSQL-compatible database engine.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides cloud computing services, with Google Cloud SQL offering managed PostgreSQL database solutions and AlloyDB providing a high-performance, fully-managed PostgreSQL-compatible database optimized for demanding workloads and scalability in the cloud environment.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform, featuring Azure for PostgreSQL for managed database solutions and Citus Data to scale out PostgreSQL databases horizontally, both aimed at enhancing performance, scalability, and ease of management in the cloud.

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Neon is a serverless PostgreSQL-compatible database service that offers automatic scaling, on-demand resources, and streamlined operations, ideal for dynamic workloads

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YugabyteDB is an open-source, high-performance, distributed SQL database designed for global, internet-scale applications, offering strong consistency, low-latency operations, and multi-region scalability.

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Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed for automating deployment, scaling, and operation of application containers across clusters of hosts, providing a framework for running distributed systems resiliently.

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Datasentinel's compatibility extends beyond the list above to any PostgreSQL-compatible database supporting the pg_stat_statements extension.

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