Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS offers cloud computing services, with RDS providing managed relational database solutions and Aurora offering a high-performance, PostgreSQL-compatible database engine.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and Aurora provides a robust, scalable, and managed database service specifically designed for enterprise-level applications and large-scale data management. AWS RDS for PostgreSQL offers a highly reliable and compatible environment for PostgreSQL databases, ensuring seamless integration and efficient performance. Aurora, as a part of AWS RDS, stands out with its PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud, offering increased throughput, availability, and durability.

Advantages of Datasentinel

Datasentinel significantly enhances the monitoring of AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and Aurora environments. Its innovative, Agentless Approach allows for seamless integration with these cloud services, ensuring efficient and comprehensive database performance tracking.

This approach significantly simplifies deployment. By prioritizing an API-first design, Datasentinel ensures robust and flexible interaction with AWS's infrastructure, enabling Real-time data collection and analysis.

Furthermore, Datasentinel's platform offers a Consolidated View of multiple database instances in a single, intuitive dashboard, providing database administrators and software engineers with comprehensive insights into their database health, performance metrics, and query analysis.

Last but not least, the Live360 module allows users to get real-time information from the databases.

Additionally, Datasentinel is readily available in the AWS Marketplace, facilitating quick and easy setup for users

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