YugabyteDB is an open-source, high-performance, distributed SQL database designed for global, internet-scale applications, offering strong consistency, low-latency operations, and multi-region scalability.


YugabyteDB is a comprehensive, 100% open-source, cloud-native database designed for mission-critical applications.

It stands out as a distributed SQL database, which means it provides a single logical database deployed across a cluster of network servers. This distribution of data allows for on-demand scaling and built-in resilience, making it well-suited for business-critical transactional applications

Advantages of Datasentinel

Thanks to its Consolidated View, Datasentinel allows monitoring of an entire YugabyteDB cluster on a single dashboard. This holistic approach is crucial for distributed databases, where understanding the interplay between different nodes and regions is key to optimal performance.

Datasentinel's API-driven Approach aligns well with YugabyteDB’s cloud-native architecture, enabling seamless integration and automation for scaling up monitoring solutions in tandem with the YugabyteDB cluster's growth.

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