Comprehensive Active Session History Timeline for Enhanced Database Performance Insights

Our active session history feature allows for precise information on the workload and quick identification of bottlenecks and associated consuming queries.

How it works

The Session History feature provides a meticulous analysis of your PostgreSQL database workload by sampling active sessions at regular intervals.

This finely tuned approach offers valuable insights in several crucial areas:

  • Identifying Resource-Consuming Entities: Quickly spot the applications, queries, and sessions that consume the most resources, allowing you to prioritize areas for optimization.
  • Timing of Slowdowns: Understand when your database performance dips, giving you the necessary context to resolve bottlenecks efficiently.
  • Resource Consumption Monitoring: Get real-time and historical data on resource usage, including CPU, I/Os, and wait events, to manage your database more effectively.
  • Locking Issues Detection: Uncover locking conflicts or delays that may hamper database performance, enabling you to resolve these issues proactively.


We've meticulously designed our Session History feature to offer a user-friendly experience that makes advanced PostgreSQL monitoring not only possible but downright enjoyable.

With just a few clicks, you can slice and dice your data across multiple dimensions—be it database, wait event, resource consumption , among others. The intuitive controls and straightforward layout make it effortless to customize your view.

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