Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres takes PostgreSQL to next level, optimizing your workloads with features that provide improved performance, such as Vertical Clustered Index, Global Meta Cache, and High-Speed Data Load

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an enhanced version of the open-source PostgreSQL, tailored for enterprises requiring robust, secure, and fully supported database systems for business-critical applications.

It integrates robust security features like Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking. Performance optimization is achieved through Vertical Clustered Index and High-Speed Data Load.

The solution also emphasizes reliability with tools such as Mirroring Controller and Connection Manager.

Additionally, it includes features for easy backup and recovery, along with Anomaly Detection and CryptoCard HSM integration, aligning with modern DevSecOps practices.

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Advantages of Datasentinel

Datasentinel's advanced monitoring features can track and analyze the performance of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
Additionally, DataSentinel's API allows for further customization and integration, providing a comprehensive solution for monitoring the enhanced features of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

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