Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform, featuring Azure for PostgreSQL for managed database solutions and Citus Data to scale out PostgreSQL databases horizontally, both aimed at enhancing performance, scalability, and ease of management in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a robust cloud computing platform that offers a range of services, including specialized database solutions. One of its key offerings is Azure for PostgreSQL, a managed database service that simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of PostgreSQL databases in the cloud. This service is designed for organizations looking for cloud-based database solutions that offer scalability, automated backups, and high availability.

Additionally, Azure features Citus Data, an extension to PostgreSQL that transforms it into a distributed database. Citus Data enables horizontal scaling of PostgreSQL, distributing data and queries across multiple nodes to deliver high performance and real-time analytics for large-scale applications. This is particularly useful for businesses dealing with massive data volumes or requiring rapid query responses across large datasets.

Advantages of Datasentinel

Datasentinel's advanced monitoring capabilities, through its  Agentless approach, provide a Consolidated View, which are particularly effective for managing the complex and distributed nature of Citus Data clusters.

Datasentinel's Consolidated View allows users to monitor the workload of an entire Citus Data cluster in one intuitive dashboard. This centralized monitoring makes it easier to observe performance across all nodes and identify any bottlenecks or issues in real-time.

Last but not least, the Live360 module allows users to get real-time information from the databases.

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