Explore PostgreSQL Monitoring in Action with Our Live Demo

Experience the full capabilities of our PostgreSQL monitoring tool in a live environment.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Our demo showcases Datasentinel's robust monitoring capabilities across dozens distinct PostgreSQL instances. These instances represent a wide range of versions, ensuring you can see the versatility and depth of our tool's compatibility.
Whether you're running legacy systems or the latest PostgreSQL releases, our demo provides a realistic overview of how Datasentinel can seamlessly integrate with your database environment.

Agent-Based and Agentless Monitoring Demonstrated

To cater to diverse infrastructure needs, our demo highlights both agent-based and agentless monitoring methods. This dual approach allows you to compare and contrast the benefits of each method in real-time, providing the insights you need to make informed decisions about the best monitoring strategy for your PostgreSQL databases.

Explore Every Feature in Real-Time

Our demo site offers full access to every feature of Datasentinel. From detailed performance analytics to alerting, query optimization, and more, you have the freedom to test and evaluate each functionality in real-time. This unrestricted access ensures you can comprehensively understand how Datasentinel can meet your PostgreSQL monitoring needs.

Simulated Workload

To ensure our demo provides a realistic insight into how Datasentinel tackles real-world database performance monitoring challenges, we've incorporated simulated workloads into our PostgreSQL instances.
By utilizing custom scripts alongside the pgbench tool, we replicate a variety of database activities and stress tests. This simulation not only showcases the resilience and efficiency of our monitoring solution under different scenarios but also allows you to see how Datasentinel can help you monitor workloads precisely and optimize performance.

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