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Our agnostic solution stands out for its ease of deployment and rapid integration, allowing you to monitor the performance of one to several hundred instances, whether they are hosted on-premises, in private, public, hybrid cloud, or in containers.

DataSentinel Alerting Homepage showing real-time PostgreSQL database monitoring alerts, with a user-friendly dashboard displaying critical performance metrics and customizable alert configurations.

Why Datasentinel is Your Ultimate Solution

Troubleshooting & Diagnostic

Benefit from a centralized overview for effective performance monitoring, thereby facilitating the rapid identification of bottlenecks and the most resource-intensive SQL queries.

This targeted approach, focused on SQL query optimization, significantly accelerates your analysis and problem-solving processes.

Oracle-inspired Active Session History for PostgreSQL
Proactive Monitoring Feature

Proactive Monitoring

Datasentinel offers advanced alerting features for immediate notification of potential issues, along with comprehensive activity reports for in-depth performance analysis.

Additionally, its lock activity monitoring enables the detection and resolution of any lock-related problems, a critical aspect in the management of any database.

This integrated suite ensures a proactive approach to database health, keeping your systems operational smoothly and efficiently.

User Friendly Design

We've distilled complex database monitoring tasks into intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboards.

This Simplexity allows you to effortlessly find the information you need, when you need it. From performance metrics to custom alerts, every essential detail is just a click away, ensuring you spend less time searching and more time optimizing.

User-friendly interface of Datasentinel, highlighting its simplicity and ease of navigation for effective PostgreSQL monitoring

Key Features for Optimal Performance

Session History

Comprehensive Active Session History Timeline for Enhanced Database Performance Insights

Top Queries

Pinpoint and Optimize Your Top Queries

Lock Explorer

Continuously monitor lock activity and quickly identify any blocking session issues


Comprehensive monitoring and notification capabilities

Live 360

Instant Access to your clusters for Real-Time Monitoring


Comprehensive Reporting for Customizable Analysis

Top Tables & Indexes

Explore your most accessed tables and indexes in detail

Cluster & System Metrics

Comprehensive Collection of Cluster and System Metrics for In-depth Analysis


Rapid setup and immediate availability regardless of the chosen configuration


  • Security Policy Compliance
  • Manage and upgrade Datasentinel
  • Available in less than 5 minutes
  • Data stored in your datacenter
  • Agent-based or Agentless


  • No infrastructure investment
  • Automatic updates
  • Data stored securely
  • Available in less than 5 minutes
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Agent-based


Fine-grained user management with Role-Based Access Control


Easily categorize, group, and filter your instances by associating tags with them.


Effortlessly manage user accounts and access privileges in Datasentinel, taking advantage of its LDAP compatibility.

Role Based Access

Create roles to filter PostgreSQL instances by tags and link them to your users.

All-in-One Monitoring Solution

Seamlessly integrating with and automating your PostgreSQL environment for efficient and comprehensive oversight

Datasentinel's wide compatibility with various PostgreSQL-compatible database vendors, highlighting its versatile integration capabilities.


Datasentinel offers comprehensive monitoring and performance tuning for a wide range of PostgreSQL-compatible databases.

Our tool adeptly handles diverse environment, whether you're utilizing traditional on-premises databases or embracing the flexibility of cloud-managed databases, ensuring optimal performance across both native PostgreSQL systems and cloud-based solutions.

Datasentinel's advanced automation features, emphasizing the flexibility and power of its API for efficient PostgreSQL database management.


Experience Seamless Automation and Integration with Our API-First Design.

Effortlessly manage agentless connections, roles, and users, while customizing alerts and reports.

Ideal for streamlined deployment in DBaaS environments.

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We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you better understand Datasentinel and its features.

What versions of PostgreSQL does Datasentinel support?
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Datasentinel is compatible with a wide range of PostgreSQL versions, starting from version 9.4 up to the latest release.
We continuously update our software to maintain compatibility with new PostgreSQL versions as they are released, ensuring that our users always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Does Datasentinel require any specific PostgreSQL extensions to function?
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Yes, Datasentinel requires the installation of the pg_stat_statements extension for optimal functionality. Th extension is part of the official PostgreSQL contrib package, making it easy to install.

In addition to pg_stat_statements, Datasentinel can also take advantage of other optional extensions to enhance its capabilities further. While these additional extensions are not mandatory, they can provide more in-depth insights and functionalities. For more details on these optional extensions and how they can benefit your PostgreSQL database monitoring experience, please refer to our Documentation

How Is Datasentinel's License Cost Calculated?
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The licensing for Datasentinel is based on an annual subscription model.
This approach ensures continuous access to the latest features and support, providing an ongoing, optimal monitoring experience for your PostgreSQL databases.

The cost of the subscription is calculated based on the number of instances (clusters) you wish to monitor. We have implemented a decreasing rate structure, which means the per-instance cost reduces as the number of instances increases.
This pricing model is designed to be cost-effective and scalable, accommodating the needs of both small-scale and large-scale database environments.

For detailed pricing information, please contact our Sales Team.

Is there a way to test Datasentinel before committing to a subscription?
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Absolutely! We offer a comprehensive 60-day Free Trial.
During this trial period, you have full access to all of Datasentinel's features without any limitations on the number of instances you can monitor.
Whether you prefer to use Datasentinel on-premises or in a SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, the trial provides a complete experience of our software's capabilities.

To initiate your free trial, just Contact Us.

Our team will guide you through the setup process, enabling you to explore every aspect of Datasentinel's functionality.

Have questions?

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