Explore our product's key features: a carefully curated list designed to meet your monitoring and optimization needs.

Session History

Comprehensive Active Session History Timeline for Enhanced Database Performance Insights

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Top Queries

Pinpoint and Optimize Your Top Queries

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Lock Explorer

Continuously monitor lock activity and quickly identify any blocking session issues

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Comprehensive monitoring and notification capabilities

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Live 360

Instant Access to your clusters for Real-Time Monitoring

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Comprehensive Reporting for Customizable Analysis

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Top Tables & Indexes

Explore your most accessed tables and indexes in detail

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Cluster & System Metrics

Comprehensive Collection of Cluster and System Metrics for In-depth Analysis

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Datasentinel also features Changed parameter detection, Agentless monitoring for easy deployment, fine-grained User management with Role-based access, as well as a comprehensive API for complete automation, among many other advanced functionalities.

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